Top 5 Winter Jackets South Africa

Winter jackets are great for any corporate uniform. At Brand Innovation every year we add some more items to our workwear uniforms. The thing is that the quality is so good, that our jackets from a few years back, still look brand new. So even if we want to get new jackets, it seems a bit of a waste, seeing that our Slazenger Catalyst Jackets still look so good. Our top seller is the Slazenger Catalyst Mens Jacket – SLAZ -816. The ladies Slazenger Catalyst Jacket – SLAZ-817 is also a big seller.


To assist clients, this document is to showcase our top sellers which are as follows;

Top 5 Winter Jackets South Africa


  1. Slazenger Catalyst Softshell Jacket – SLAZ-816 men & SLAZ-817  ladies
  2. US Basic Cromwell Softshell Jacket – BAS-1007
  3. US Basic Miami Windbreaker Jacket – BAS-819
  4. US Basic Hastings Parka Jacket – BAS-2107 & Women’s BAS-2108
  5. US Basic Rego Jacket (Men’s BAS-7782 & Women’s BAS-7783)

Top 5 Winter Jackets South Africacromwell Softshell Jacketmiami windbreaker jacket


To assist clients in choosing their winter jackets for their corporate uniforms we are going to look at different types of jackets, their benefits and who they might be best suited for.

Watch this video on our Slazenger Catalyst Softshell Jacket



Parka Jackets South Africa


Our best selling Parka jackets are the Hastings Parka jackets. If you are given the opportunity to source jackets for your company and you are asked to get options for Parka jackets, you might wonder what exactly a Parka jacket is. Well a Parka is traditionally considered a thicker winter jacket than a windbreaker for instance. It will have some type of padding.

us basic hastings parka

So if you consider our US Basic Hastings Parka, the specs include the following;

  • The Outer fabric is made from 100% polyester taslon with AC coating
  • Lining is made of 100% polyester quilted taffeta padding.
  • hood is Water resistant and is a fold away hood into the collar.
  • There are two front pockets
  • The Hastings has adjustable cuffs with velcro
  • There is fleece inside collar
  • A hanging loop
  • And very importantly, an inside pocket &a  mobile phone pocket
  • There is a also a Zipper in the lining to access print & embroidery areas
  • The fit is a Standard Fit
  • Sizes S-4XL


So there you go, if you are looking for a Parka Jacket, you would be wanting something with a bit of padding, so a warm jacket, for those cold Gauteng mornings, and geez, they do get cold.

Brand Innovation supplies a host of other Parka Jackets and you can see these at


Windbreaker Jackets South Africa


A windbreaker Jacket is an item that should be in everyone’s cupboard. I use mine to walk my dogs or when I go for a run or walk, like to have one with me, just in case. So even in good weather, it is a good idea to take a windbreaker with you just in case it gets cold or starts to rain.

You know those times when you think, “should I take a jacket or not?”. Also a windbreaker jacket is light, so is fine to carry or to tie around your waist.

Our best seller and one that we have 1000’s of units of stock of is the US Basic Miami Windbreaker Jacket, CODE BAS-819.

Miami Unisex Jacket BAS-819

This is our cheapest jacket and a great budget beater is you are looking for lightweight rain jacket for your staff.

us basic miami windbreaker jackets south africa


Lightweight Down Jackets

A High End jacket option that is also a great seller and that we have large stockholding of is the Elevate Scotia Light Down Jacket (Men’s ELE-5610 & Women’s ELE-5611)

Down jackets are high fashion at the moment and we have a great option added to our range for those companies who want to add a little fashion to their corporate image.

Our Scotia Down Jacket is a lightweight jacket which makes it easy to fold up and carry around, but it is also insluated and very warm. And as of March 2017 this is also available in a down bodywarmer!

See the Scotia Down Jackets Here

scotia light down jacket


Matric Jackets


Matric jackets are a big think in South Africa. Every matric wants a jacket with their school name embroidery saying matric and the year. A scholar, or now called learner in South Africa, loves to celebrate their time at school, and more so their last year of school. This includes having a jacket that celebrates that this is their matric year.

For something a little more trendy, why not try a cool branded hoodie? We have a cool selection of matric jackets and hoodies for you to choose from.

matric hoodies

I would start off with any of our brand names like the Slazenger or US BASIC. These are super cool and long lasting, ask us!

We do all the branding for you too.


Matric Jacket Designs

matric hoodies 2017

If you are looking for a matric jacket, you could think, well where do we start?

Hellooo, budget is a good idea. Often when we ask clients what their budgets are, they don’t want to tell us, but giving a minimum and maximum budget is a really good idea as it gives us a starting point and we can focus on jackets that would suit you.


Then we would put a selection of jackets together for you to choose from.

This makes it easier for you. Rather choose from 3 to 5 jackets, than from 40 jackets because that is just confusing.


For your matric designs, you can choose something you have seen or even an image and our designer will then convert it to a high resolution logo for you.


Matric Jackets Quotes


  • For quotes for matric jackets, we could quote you on 3 different options.
  • We can also provide samples for you to choose from.
  • We dispatch from warehouses in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.
  • Our clients are based countrywide and also internationally.
  • So we can deliver door to door to your school.


A lot of matrics and also varsity students like hoodies as their choice of clothing item for their group. So a matric hoodie could be really cool. We have often provided branded hoodies for university residences and departments.


Company Uniforms with a Logo

soft shell jackets with logo


Company uniforms with your own company logo embroidered on the items says a lot. Company jackets are a great place to start. So you have come to the right place. Brand Innovation is one of the top distributors in South Africa.


Corporate Uniform Catalogue


A corporate uniform catalogue really helps when choosing your company winter jackets.

Brand Innovation will give you a FREE catalogue so that you can mark the one’s you want and pass the catalogue around the office, or from department to department for everyone to see the different options available.

You can also view our full Barron Clothing Catalogue on this Corporate Clothing Africa website.


Corporate Clothing Companies in Pretoria

There are many corporate clothing companies in Pretoria. Brand Innovation distributes from 3 main centers, being Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Pretoria is a hop, skip and jump away from Johannesburg, so for all your corporate clothing requirements, please do contact us. Our website, showcases a host of our great winter jackets.


Barron Clothing

Barron Logo

Brand Innovation is an authorized distributor of Barron Clothing in South Africa. We can supply you with the entire selection of Barron Winter Jackets.

Barron clothing is well known not only in South Africa, but in all of Africa. So you are safe when you purchase Barron clothing for your staff or clients or for corporate clothing for giveaways, should you be so generous. Many of our clients will ask for the Barron clothing brand.


Our Top 3 Barron Jackets are;


Altitude Jackets

Altitude jackets form part of the Altitude Leisurewear Range. Altitude is also a great brand, growing in South Africa as more and more people recognise Altitude as a supplier of corporate clothing.

We are a registered supplier of Altitude clothing in South Africa.

altitude clothing 2017




Jacket Brands In South Africa

We supply a range of well known clothing brands and other corporate gift brands. If you are looking for a great quality brand name for your corporate uniform, we have you covered. Below are a list of some of the brands we stock;

  • Slazenger Clothing
  • US Basic Clothing
  • Elevate Clothing
  • Biz Collection
  • Barron Clothing
  • Altitude Clothing
  • Gary Player Clothing
  • Cutter & Buck
  • Polo South Africa




What is drimac? Well, Drimac is a clothing brand. Some people might think drimac is a jacket, but it in actual fact refers to a brand of clothing made in South Africa.

Brand Innovation supplies the Drimac Skrik Shirt.


Drimac Skirk Shirt

Gents CODE: SKR01

drimac clothing skirk shirt

This shirt is an outdoor shirt and is perfect for work and play.

  • a roll up sleeve with tab
  • cool double flap pockets with buttons
  • a pen slit,
  • Generous fit
  • 100% cotton, washed twill
  • Product Dimension: Gents: (S – 5XL).


So there you go, not a winter jacket, but in fact a cool outdoor shirt.


Corporate Clothing Branding


What type of branding is best for corporate clothing? In this case, specifically jackets?

Well, we tend to recommend embroidery where the item is fancier or more expensive, so a jacket would usually be a perfect item to get embroidered with your logo instead of having the jackets printed.


Embroidery on Jackets

How does the pricing work for embroidery on jackets?

The price of the embroidery depends on the thread count. So if the logo takes 4000 stitches, that will cost more than a logo that just takes 1000 stitches.

embroidery on jackets


Screen Printing on Jackets

For screenprinting, the cost of the print depends on how many colours in the logo. So a one colour print is always recommended before a 5 colour, even for the reason only of price.

A print is usually the type of branding done on a tshirt.

screen printing on jackets


Engraving on Jackets

We also have a brand new method to brand some of our jackets; laser engraving. This is a subtle, tone-on-tone branding method that modern and very stylish.

Because engraving is so intricate, this method results in very detailed logos and images that can be branded like never before. And we can also do engraving over zips and seams!

engraving on clothing

For more on this new clothing branding method, contact us.




Corporate Jackets

When you think of corporate jackets, do you imagine something smart, or something to keep you warm? Whichever, way, we have the more formal jackets and then also the really heavy jackets, like our 3-in-1 jackets.

Some clients might prefer a jacket that can do both; something that is suitable for the office and also a great option for casual wear. One of our top sellers; the Cromwell Softshell is very popular specifically for that purpose.

Because this is a smart looking soft shell fabric jacket it is great for business. This jacket also does not have a hood, it has a more formal looking collar.

cromwell softshell jacket ladies


3 in 1 Jackets


3 in 1 jackets will always be popular in South Africa because of their versatility. These jackets are usually a hardy outer coat for with a zip-out inner fleece lining.

It can be worn as a thick winter coat combination with the outer and inner together. Optionally the lining can be zipped out and worn as a separate fleece jacket, or you can wear the outer jacket alone, as a windbreaker jacket.

This is truly the ultimate winter jacket!

We have a few jacket options in this style.

One of our best seller is the Barron 3-in-1 JacketThis jacket is available in a mens and ladies styles and there are 5 different colour combinations to choose from.

barron 3-in-1 jacket


Bodywarmer Jackets

Bodywarmers are trendy, sleeveless jackets that are very popular because they can be worn year-round. Without the sleeves, these jackets are perfect to keep your body warm, but still be cool if needed.

We have a few bodywarmer options that are all very trendy and great for staff uniforms. We have even had two of these options branded for our own staff uniforms here at Brand Innovation.

Or personal favourite has been the new Slazenger Evolution Bodywarmer:

slazenger bodywarmer jacket

The Slazenger Evolution is a padded jacket style bodywarmer. We also have other styles like fleece, down and softshell options.