Branded Jackets

Branded Jackets РWe supply jackets and corporate clothing branded with your logo in South Africa. A branded jacket is an important part of any company uniform, especially for winter.

Depending on the type and material of the jackets, we can do one of two branding options; embroidery or screen printing.

Embroidery on Jackets

We generally recommend embroidery on jackets and most other corporate clothing articles because it is a smart and elegant form of branding that will last a long time. Unlike printing, embroidery can be done in a large range of colours.

Do keep in mind that embroidery cost is calculated according to the thread count. Thus the bigger the logo and the more thread it uses, the more expensive. But this does not mean that we are not able to do big, beautiful embroidered designs, we certainly can!

Embroidery is very versatile and we can often use this branding method to put your logo in different positions such as on the sleeves.

Below is an example of our embroidered jackets

apex winter jacket with embroidery

Apex winter jacket with embroidery

Screen Printing on Jackets

We can only do printing on jackets with a material that is suitable, such as the Miami jacket. We can not do printing on soft shell jackets.

We would recommend a print for jackets when you have a very large logo or design that you want branded. On larger designs the price of printing will likely be better than embroidery, as long as the number of colours are kept low. Screen printing prices are calculated according to the number of colours in a print and there are often limitations on the number of colours possible in a print.

We would advise a one colour print.

Below is an example of our printed jackets

printed branded jackets

Printed Miami Jacket

Branded Jackets in South Africa

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